5 Reasons Why People Buy Property in Spain

The idea of buying property in Spain at first glance seems simple and clear. As it's known, fish seek deeper waters, and people seek better places. There are few places in the world with such a combination of advantages for living as on the Costa Blanca in Spain. So, why buy property in Spain?

1. Relaxing Like at Home

You can always spend your vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. Sure, there are other seas and countries, but Spain is closer both literally and figuratively. Flying from Europe to Asian islands is long and expensive, but getting to, for example, Alicante can take just a couple of hours and not much money. At any moment, you can spend a week at the sea and recharge in your own apartment without problems of choice, accommodation, unexpected force majeure, and other delights of bookings, and without carrying a huge suitcase of unnecessary things. Your favorite flip-flops and shorts are already waiting for you at home in Spain. And though people around you also speak an incomprehensible language, no one will judge you for a short skirt, a love for a juicy piece of pork, or the desire to drink a glass of wine or a mug of beer in the evening. Feeling at home while on vacation is convenient, safe, understandable, and at the same time, a complete change of scenery – it's an incredible sense of freedom and a new level of life quality.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Property in Spain

2. Buying a Summer House in Spain

If you've finally grown up and have children and grandchildren, take them to Spain, where you've thoughtfully bought property by the sea in Torrevieja. You can buy a little house in Spain and use it as a summer house – summer, holidays, breaks, garden, sea, pool, all day in the fresh air and natural products all year round – everything necessary for a happy childhood, according to parents.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Property in Spain

3. I Might Just Start Living, Entering Retirement

This was said by a postman familiar to us since childhood. As an option for life in retirement, property in Spain is also ideal. The pleasant climate and quality healthcare are not the only things that attract Europeans here. If you've ever seen how retirees have fun in Spain, the choice of a place to live in retirement will be clear for you. Nowhere in the world will you find such sincerely life-enjoying people over 60 as in Spain. And this life is, it must be said, rich and active. In the morning, retirees in Spain head to the beach to lie in loungers or walk along the sea surf. During the day, there's much to do: trips to the market, swimming in the pool, cooking, fishing, health treatments, walks, chatting with neighbors. Don't be daunted by not knowing Spanish; first, your neighbors can be people from different countries, and second, for retirees and children, there is essentially no language barrier, the main thing is the desire and mood. After lunch, a mandatory siesta, because in the evening you need to be in shape. Any Spanish senior lady dresses up and dances more energetically than many young beauties.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Property in Spain

4. Thirst for Profit

If all these pleasures are alien to you and you prefer practicality and benefit measured in hard currency, then rent out your property in Spain. Depending on the condition, location, quality of the object, and rental scheme, you can earn an income of up to 5-10% or simply cover the current expenses of the property in Spain. The rental business is complex and emotionally charged, but with the right approach, it provides a pleasant bonus. If you buy an apartment or a house in Spain with Granfield Estate, our rental department will take care of you and your property in Spain.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Property in Spain

5. Backup Runway

Recent events show that in the modern world everything can change at any moment and according to any scenario. Perhaps, the apartment in Spain will become your refuge from the current circumstances for a while. Or maybe, you are the creator of your destiny and decide to move to the sea permanently. The experience of our clients proves that having a roof over your head in the form of property by the sea in Spain significantly simplifies the start of a new life.

As you can see, people buying an apartment in Spain by the sea care about their family, think about the future, strengthen their mental and physical health, and overall, live a full life. Buying an apartment in Spain is beneficial, profitable, and useful at any stage and in many situations. The main thing is to choose the right property in Spain for your goals. Granfield Estate Real Estate Agency in Spain will help you decide and choose the best object.