Buying a House in Spain

Torrevieja, Alicante

Buying a House in Spain

Each one of us has at least once in our life dreamt of a little house or an apartment on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. And it turns out that it is not as complicated or expensive as it might seem at first glance.

To start with, it would be good to decide on the region, and many prefer to buy properties in Spain on the Costa Blanca. The weather is always sunny and warm, there are no freezing winters, magnificent sandy beaches, the possibility to swim 9 months a year (for the hardiest, even all year round), delicious and healthy food, friendly locals, a rich culture, lots of fun festivals, architectural objects, and beautiful places; these are just the most obvious benefits of buying a house on the Costa Blanca. Moreover, a house by the sea in Spain is a profitable investment, as property prices are rising, and later it can be sold for much more. And it is also an opportunity to obtain a monthly passive income in euros by renting out your seaside property.

What to Choose for Buying a House in Spain: Torrevieja or Alicante

These two tourist cities are located on the Costa Blanca, on the shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea in Spain. However, they are a bit different. Torrevieja is a tourist city with a population of about 100,000 people. Torrevieja is a young city, without ancient architectural monuments. The city's development is based on a unique combination of the maritime coast and pink salt lagoons. This creates an extremely comfortable microclimate and makes Torrevieja the largest European provider of salt. Alicante is an ancient large city, with a long history, a large port, and a population of 350,000 inhabitants. The international airport is located in Alicante. There are 45 km between Alicante and Torrevieja. Regular buses operate every hour. When deciding where to buy a property in Spain, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each city.

Buying a House in the City of Torrevieja in Spain

Torrevieja is a multinational city. The population of Torrevieja is almost half composed of foreigners, the most numerous being Ukrainians, British, Russians, Poles, Belgians, and Scandinavians. Many of them have opened businesses here: cafes and restaurants, grocery stores, sewing workshops, small shops, small hotels, and beauty salons. Therefore, in Torrevieja, it is easy to find compatriots and for eating or getting a haircut, it is not strictly necessary to know Spanish. Despite its apparent provincialism, Torrevieja is not a village. The city has a developed infrastructure, with all the conditions for a comfortable and familiar life. Shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, schools, hospitals, parks, green areas: it has everything that is found in a large city. It is easy to get anywhere in the city by public transport or affordable taxi. For those who prefer a quiet life by the sea in Spain, without the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, the cozy tourist resort of Torrevieja with a multinational population would be a good choice.

Buying a House by the Sea in Alicante

Alicante is a large modern city with 3000 years of history. There are many historical places and architectural monuments. The city is multinational, although there are significantly fewer foreigners than in Torrevieja. Mainly, they are Europeans and Latin Americans. In addition to being a tourist resort, it is also a huge and important transport hub, with an international airport and a commercial seaport connecting Spain with many countries. In Alicante, various festivals and parties, international conferences, and symposiums are constantly held. Students from all over the world come to study at the University of Alicante. For those who like to combine beach rest with the dynamic rhythm of city life, they should consider buying a property in Spain precisely here.

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