5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property

+ 2 Good Spots That Unfairly Have a Bad Reputation

While Torrevieja is rapidly developing and may seem somewhat atypical architecturally for Spain, it has its quirks. On the one hand, the poorly regulated urban development in the 1980s and 1990s led to haphazard construction by minor construction firms. These often used subpar materials and lacked any sort of guarantee. Cutting costs on architects also resulted in the creation of peculiar designs—often flashy but questionable in quality.

On the other hand, there were ambitious projects that aimed to impress with their architectural concepts. Developers invested in quality materials and thoughtful infrastructure, resulting in beautiful and convenient residential complexes.

Thus, it's not surprising that the price of a three-bedroom apartment can vary two or even threefold. Sometimes, this price variation is justified (though sometimes it's just the owner's high expectations 😉).

That said, selecting the right district, and often even the specific residential complex in Torrevieja, is crucial. A misstep can render your investment moot. Bad neighbors can deter you from holidaying in Spain and even dissuade you from considering relocating to Torrevieja permanently.

Regrettably, these mistakes are common, especially for those with limited budgets. We honestly inform you about problematic areas, even specifying their names for you to check on Google Maps.

1. El Molino District

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property

🎯 “Parque del Molino Torrevieja”. The landmark is a square with a mill (previously, the tower in the photo had blades like a windmill, but they fell off, yet the name remained).

The first area we advise against is "El Molino" or "Park by the Mill." You can locate it by searching for “Parque del Molino Torrevieja.” Nearby houses are unpopular among Spaniards and Europeans. Properties here are cheap but hard to resell, often at a loss.

2. Central District Between Park of Nations and Inmaculada School

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property
Two main landmarks:

🎯 C. del Tomillo, 2, 03181 Torrevieja, Alicante
🎯 C. Torresal, 3, 03181 Torrevieja, Alicante

One building is rather old, resembling a Soviet-style apartment block—low ceilings, small windows, no elevator. The other at Tomillo 2 is newer with an elevator and parking. Its proximity to a gas station has deterred buyers, leading to low prices that attract marginalized groups. The result? Hard-to-sell properties with numerous issues.

3. Torreta Tres or Torreta III District

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property 🎯 Torreta Tres, located near the salt lakes, is characterized by small, one-story houses built low to the ground. The low prices and attractive renovation photos often allure potential buyers. However, the area has poor neighbors, a persistent lake smell during summers, constant mosquitoes, a lack of connection to the city's main sewage system, and subpar roads. Note that renovations often hide signs of occasional flooding during heavy rains.

4. Houses Opposite Las Islas Canarias Park

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property🎯 C. Doña Sinforosa, 11, 03185 Torrevieja, Alicante

These interconnected buildings, opposite the Las Islas Canarias Park in the Acequion district, although outwardly decent, predominantly serve as social housing and frequently appear in crime reports. They are consistently crowded and noisy, reminiscent of a dormitory, and there's an ever-present mysterious smoke (hinting at marijuana).

5. Houses Near Cuba School

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property
🎯 С. Moriones, 62, 03182 Torrevieja, Alicante

This red and yellow building is located in a good part of Torrevieja, near the Cuba school. Yet, it's far from desirable, likely due to a majority of the apartments being social housing. A photo of the building's inner courtyard speaks volumes, making further comments superfluous.

As promised, a bonus: 2 places in Torrevieja that unjustly have a bad reputation or are no longer considered bad areas.

1. The first spot is a house in the Playa los Locos district

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property🎯 C. la Loma, 107, 03182 Torrevieja, Alicante.
This house faced specific issues in the past. Firstly, the problem was related to the maintenance of the building, which has now been addressed by the new president. He set things right, renovated the common areas, and fenced off the property from unwanted visitors. Things have improved and become cleaner. The building's prime location addressed the second issue, as these small, affordable apartments have gradually been purchased by "decent" foreigners, replacing the local misfits. Thus, we believe purchasing property in this building to be a compelling option, especially since the sea is just a 3-minute walk away.

2. A small district comprising 9 houses located near the bus station.

5 Places in Torrevieja I'd Never Buy Property

🎯 C. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 92, 03182 Torrevieja, Alicante

Just a year ago, this housing complex was on our blacklist. The buildings themselves aren't new, but by Spanish standards, the apartments are spacious and have a sensible layout, which can be enhanced with some renovation. A bus station is close by, and the surrounding area often sees "questionable" individuals that do not inspire trust. However, things have changed. First, the construction of a massive shopping center has been completed on a site that had been dormant for over ten years. Secondly, the bus station has been relocated from this district to outside the city. As a result, the circumstances have shifted, and we now recommend investing in properties in these buildings for rental purposes.

If you're already working with Granfield Estate, you know that our managers always notify you of such critical details. However, each individual is unique, and we've had clients who took a risk by purchasing in less reputable areas, yet they claim to be satisfied. For instance, if you're seeking a small house with its land, you won't find a better deal than in the Torreta 3 area; the decision is up to you. Furthermore, the city of Torrevieja is continuously expanding and evolving. Perhaps, in time, the situation will change, and today's risky investments will prove fruitful in the future. After all, there are no "bad" properties, only unsuitable prices.

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