Weather in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a Spanish Mediterranean resort on the Costa Blanca coast in the province of Alicante. The city of Torrevieja is known for its unique microclimate, which has formed thanks to the sea on one side and two salt lakes-lagoons approaching the city from the other side. The weather in Torrevieja is famous for its abundance of sunshine and warmth, a small amount of precipitation, and the absence of sharp seasonal fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Weather in Torrevieja in the summer

Resting in Torrevieja in the summer is especially attractive for families with children and people with weakened health, as the sea air mixed with the healing evaporations of the salt lakes creates ideal conditions for healing from various diseases. The daytime air temperature reaches and often exceeds the 30-degree mark, but the abundance of greenery and the city's excellent infrastructure allow you not to feel the heat in full. Mountains surrounding the resort from the north and south protect it from the winds. A minimal amount of precipitation falls

Weather in Torrevieja


In June, the average daytime temperature reaches +28°C, cooler at night — about +23°C. The sea warms up to +23°C. At the end of the month, the beach season begins, and the resort fills up with crowds of tourists.


For July, a significant increase in daytime temperatures to +30-35°C is typical. It's cooler at night — about +25°C. The sea becomes maximally comfortable for swimming — up to +25°C.


August is recognized as the best time for sun and warmth lovers to relax in Torrevieja, as the daytime temperature reaches +32-37°C, precipitation is extremely rare, and the sea warms up to +27°C.

Weather in Torrevieja in the autumn

Autumn in Torrevieja is the perfect time for a calm, relaxed beach holiday, getting acquainted with the sights, and walking to the salt lakes.

Weather in Torrevieja


In September, it's still quite hot — up to +30°C during the day and about +23°C at night. The beach season is far from over, as the water temperature reaches +26°C. Precipitation is rare


Comfortable weather reigns until mid-October, and often even until the end of October. It's sunny and dry during the day, up to +25°C. At night — about +20°C. The sea gradually cools down. The water temperature is not lower than +22°C.


In November, it's quite warm and sunny, but the number of cloudy and rainy days increases. The daytime temperature drops to +19°C, quite cool at night — about +15°C. The beach season is over, but you can meet lovers of sports entertainment and an active lifestyle on the coast.

Weather in Torrevieja in the winter

Winter in Torrevieja resembles early autumn in central Russia, with windless, dry, and sunny weather. Thanks to the climate features, the resort is considered an excellent place for winter holidays for people with respiratory diseases, heart and blood vessel diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders. Extreme temperature drops, frosts, and snowfall are extremely rare.

Weather in Torrevieja


December delights with sun and warmth. The daytime temperature does not drop below +17°C, and sometimes reaches +20°C. It's significantly cooler at night but not cold — about +12°C. The water temperature is about 17°C. Before the Christmas holidays, there is a significant influx of tourists eager to celebrate Christmas on the coast.


January brings clear sunny weather and maximum opportunities for getting acquainted with local attractions, walking and cycling around the city, the coast and the surroundings, and shopping. The air temperature is around +15°C, and sometimes rises to +18-20°C. The water temperature is about +15°C.


February is not the most favorable month for a holiday. Clear sunny days are often replaced by chilly and cloudy ones. The daytime air temperature is about +16°C, at night — up to +11°C. The sea cools down to +14°C.

Weather in Torrevieja in the spring

Rest in Torrevieja in the spring is attractive for fans of excursion tourism, sports, health, and rejuvenating procedures.

Weather in Torrevieja


In March, the weather is not the most pleasant for rest. It's often damp, cloudy, and rainy. Quite warm — up to +17°C, but the cool eastern wind does not encourage outdoor relaxation. The water temperature drops to the minimum values for the Mediterranean — about +14°C.


April is sunny but windy. Garden and forest fruit trees and shrubs bloom, filling the air with wonderful aromas. During the day, the air warms up to +20°C, quite comfortable at night — about +15°C. The water temperature is up to 16°C. A great time for kiting, surfing, and sailing.


May is one of the most magical months when a holiday on the Costa Blanca delights with sunny warmth and bright spring greenery of gardens, parks, and surrounding forests. During the day, the air warms up to +25-30°C, windless and dry. A bit cooler at night — about +20°C. The water is still not warm enough for swimming — about +19°C, but the beaches gradually fill up with lovers of sunbathing and beach games.