The best areas of the city in Alicante

Which areas of Alicante are best for living, and how does this affect the price of real estate in these areas of Alicante?

Alicante, spread under the shining sun of Spain, has become a haven for lovers of the sea and beach leisure. Not just a tourist spot, Alicante also attracts those looking for a cozy place to live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without burdening themselves with excessive expenses. The city, home to almost 340,000 people, offers numerous opportunities for living, allowing its residents to enjoy the mild climate, gentle sea waves, and at the same time immerse themselves in history. In addition to the sea and beaches, Alicante has an international airport, a seaport, a railway station, and a light rail, a university, a theater, and museums.

The best areas of the city in Alicante

As for housing prices in Alicante, they continue their dizzying rise, reaching record levels by the end of summer, according to the latest report by Idealista. In September 2023, the city saw an overall increase of 15.3% compared to the previous year.

The city of Alicante is divided into 12 districts, which are in turn subdivided into 45 quarters. But which of them are the best for living? Several real estate agencies have conducted various studies and agree on the list of the best districts for living in Alicante.

1. The Old Town of Alicante - the Santa Cruz district (Casco antiguo - Santa Cruz)

The central area of any city will always be one of the best for living. This is what many believe. The center is always about atmosphere, traditions, a special energy. The central district of Alicante includes the old town, where cultural heritage and history are concentrated, which lives in every corner of this place. Santa Barbara Castle, San Nicolas Cathedral, Town Hall Square, and the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art (MACA) are just some of the interesting places in this district. This area borders the beach and the city's sea port, so its streets are usually quite noisy and lively. There are many bars, restaurants, and discos here, as the youth choose this district for nightlife. Perfect for leisure and rental, but not suitable for everyone to live.

2. The Ensanche-Diputación District (Barrio del Ensanche-Diputación) - central and by the sea.

One of the best areas to live in Alicante if you are looking for quality of life, comfort, a good commercial offer, and a variety of housing options. It borders the old town, central and coastal district, as well as the sea port and Postiguet Beach, one of the most visited by both tourists and residents of Alicante. In the late 19th century, due to the need for territorial expansion, the city wall was demolished. This led to the development of the Diputación-Ensanche district, which gathered avant-garde and modern history of Alicante on its streets, with notable landmarks including the Provincial Palace, Seneca Square, Brugge House, and Lonja del Pescado.

Moreover, this district has good transportation links - a bus station, a railway station that connects the city on both local and national levels. Shops, schools, and fantastic places for walking or cycling. You have everything a person might need in a central district, with all services and the additional advantage of being by the sea, with a beach and a yacht marina. What more could you want?

3. Vistahermosa and La Albufereta, family districts, tranquility, and infrastructure.

Close to the central part of Alicante are Vistahermosa and La Albufereta, two districts that have both proximity to the sea and all necessary services for living. They are considered ideal districts for family living, safe and convenient for year-round living. The infrastructure consists of schools, supermarkets, shopping centers, gyms, various green areas, and even bicycle lanes, ideal for short transfers or walks and sports activities alone or with family. These are privileged districts to enjoy life on the Mediterranean coast without giving up the proximity of downtown services, thanks to urban transport - bus and tram. Postiguet Beach adjoins Vistahermosa, while La Albufereta and La Almadraba beaches are next to the La Albufereta district.

The best areas of the city in Alicante

4. The Cabo de Las Huertas District (Cabo de Las Huertas) - exclusivity and luxury.

In any large city, there is always a district that stands out as the most exclusive and luxurious - in Alicante, this is the Cabo de Las Huertas district. Another one of the best areas to live in. This is a privileged district with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, unique natural spaces such as beaches and coves, including the famous Playa de San Juan. Green areas are perfect for delightful walks. In this district, there are high-level establishments for socializing or family leisure without the need to leave the area. In addition to premium apartments, real estate is represented by private houses. If you are looking for a prestigious district to live in Alicante, this is a fantastic choice. It is a quiet place to live, very safe and comfortable.

5. The Playa de San Juan District (Playa de San Juan), next to the beach of the same name.

Among the best districts to live in Alicante is the Playa de San Juan area, which is located after the iconic beach of the same name, a landmark of the Alicante capital. The white sandy beach, perfectly equipped for year-round leisure, is famous for restaurants with traditional Mediterranean cuisine. This is a district where nightlife attracts people with discos, karaoke, and perfect pubs for entertainment. It is one of the best areas to live in Alicante, especially if you love water sports. The district is built according to modern urban planning rules. Suitable not only in summer but also for enjoying the views and space for walks and exercises all year round. Located in a convenient location, the district provides easy access to main transport arteries, business, and shopping centers. Places for social gatherings, cultural events, and creative studios contribute to the development of a close and friendly community. This area represents a unique combination of modern architecture, cutting-edge technologies, and harmony with nature.

In the end, choosing the best area to live in Alicante will heavily depend on your tastes and needs. If you have children, you will most likely choose a quiet area with developed infrastructure. If you love activity and entertainment, you will choose a different area. Either way, Alicante offers you a wide selection and plenty of enjoyment.

Real estate prices in the city of Alicante continue to rise, reaching record levels in September 2023. Moreover, there are areas that recorded their historical maximum in September, reaching a price of 2630 euros per square meter at San Juan Beach, €2563/m² in the central area, €2118/m² in the Avenidas-Vistahermosa park area.

Which areas of Alicante are more expensive? As in 2022, Playa de San Juan and the Centro area continue to top the list of the city's most expensive areas. On this occasion, Playa de San Juan takes first place with an annual price change of 9.8% compared to September 2022. The Central area, on the other hand, takes second place and records a growth of 13.8% over the past year. The third position is held by the Avenidas-Vistahermosa park area, with a growth of 20.3% compared to 2022.

With such an increase, this area becomes one of the most expensive for acquiring real estate. As expected, the best areas are also the most expensive. And this is not surprising. Comfort and safety, prestige and beauty, along with a magnificent climate and developed urban infrastructure, make Alicante a wonderful place to live, attractive to many people from around the world. However, on our Costa Blanca coast, there are still many different and uniquely attractive towns worthy of your attention, about which we will tell you.